Handicapped Toilets

Having an accessible toilet is almost necessary when you are caring for elderly loved ones or individuals with a disability. Also known as specialty toilets, there is an entire range of custom toilets that are meant to be used by those with special requirements. Whether you have a handicapped or aging loved one, a new toilet could pay huge dividends for their coziness and safety.

Best Taller Toilets For Handicapped Users

We’ve highlighted five of the top toilets for handicapped users available on the market. Each of the following five toilets will fulfill a different specialized need.

  • Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron Comfort-Height Elongated Toilet
    This toilet comes in a variety of different color options which helps to give it an edge against other similar comfort-focused models. This is a two-piece toilet that prioritizes high-flush performance and ease-of-use.

What makes the K-3589-0 special, outside of the elongated seat for maximum usability, is the AquaPistons feature. This is a specially created flushing engine that gives users quick and powerful flushing capabilities in order to prevent any kind of plug. This toilet model also has a ‘light touch’ flushing lever for handicapped users who lack the strength to handle conventional flappers.

  • Toto Neorest Dual-Flush One-Piece Toilet
    When you need a toilet that prioritizes convenience and security, the Toto Neorest can provide you with a solution. This is a one-piece toilet with a high-profile tank and hands-free flushing. Features are a priority on this toilet as the model also features a high-efficiency flushing system, a Soft-Close heated toilet seat and a decorative skirt.

While this is a more expensive model, the Neorest provides innovative solutions for handicapped users. The special EWater+ feature also helps to keep the seat clean even with infrequent cleaning and the Wonderwave Spray acts as a substitute bidet. Above all else, this toilet is aesthetically pleasing and can fit inside the majority of bathrooms.

  • Toto Ultimate 1-Piece Elongated Toilet
    Toto provides many of the top toilets for users who need ADA compliant seating. The Tot Ultimate 1-Piece toilet features an elongated seat and a taller-than-normal seat. With the height-adjusted seating, you’ll have an ADA compliant toilet in your home.

This one-piece toilet was designed to be easy to clean and easier to maintain. A special finish helps to fight bacteria build-up while the single-piece design prevents dirt and debris from gathering in hard-to-clean areas. This toilet features a Power Gravity flushing system and a SoftClose lid.

  • Woodbridgebath Bidet T-008
    This is a minimalist toilet that features a self-cleaning nozzle and a functional bidet for enhanced hygiene. This toilet is ideal for users who need to stay secure while having limited mobility. There is an easy-to-flush button on top of the back reservoir to go along with a temperature-controlled seating option. Users can adjust the temperature of the seat to five different levels in order to find what works best for their restricted loved ones.

The highlight of the Woodbridgebath Bidet T-008 is the bidet feature. The aerating self-cleaning bidet releases a stream of warm water to help users maintain the hygiene that is so important to age with grace. Easy to put into your bathroom, this is a space-saving model for users with mobility restrictions.

  • CWT418MFG Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet
    For homeowners that want a concealed in-wall reservoir and a height-adjusted, wall-hung toilet seat this is the right model for you. While the installation process is definitely more intense than the other options on our list, this is the ultimate toilet for saving space.

The universal-height mounting mechanism allows you to erect the toilet to a level that is effective for your handicapped or movement-challenged loved one. You’ll save nearly 9 inches of floorspace with proper installation.

This toilet features a specialized Dual-Max flushing system and a SanaGloss ceramic glaze. Popular due to its minimalist design, the CWT418MFG doesn’t skimp on additional features. This is a one-piece toilet seat built with aesthetically pleasing features.

Handicapped toilets styles

If you are considering purchasing a disabled toilet, reference the following styles below in order to help guide your selection.

  • Two Piece Toilet
    Also known as a ‘close coupled toilet’, this is the most common type of commode in use around the country. This model is defined by a water reservoir and a floor-mounted toilet. These are easy to add customizations to, though they lack some of the special features that those with special needs may require.
  • One Piece Toilet
    The one-piece toilet has a bowl and chair that is directly attached to the backing reservoir. With fewer moving parts and joints, these toilets are easy to maintain. Unfortunately, one-piece toilets take up plenty of floorspace which can make them problematic for smaller bathrooms.
  • Floor Standing Back-to-Wall Toilet
    If you need toilets for seniors that allow for more area around back, this is the ideal product. This model has a simple pedestal with a hidden reservoir installed into the wall. The extra room in back allows for seniors to more comfortably rest.
  • Comfort Height Toilet
    The ideal tall toilets for handicapped individuals will likely fall into the Comfort-Toilet category. These toilets possess a boosted toilet seat that is traditionally up to 19 inches away from the ground. This model is likely the best ADA toilet for users who need to pay attention to how far away from the ground they are.
  • Wall-Hung Toilet & Reservoir
    This suspended toilet, also known as a high rise toilet, is completely attached to your bathroom walls. Elevated above the ground, users will find that they have more control over their access while retaining all of their important features.
  • Wall-Hung Toilet & Hidden Reservoir For a handicap toilet that prioritizes space, this is the ideal option. With a suspended toilet seat and a hidden water reservoir, you won’t have to worry about taking up a ton of space. Additionally, this style of toilet is made with the goal of helping a handicapped user stay comfortable. With the freedom to lean back or lean forward, this could be an effective model for people dealing with a handicap.
  • Toilet With Bidet
    Handicapped toilets like this model help users by putting a focus on hygiene and functionality. The bidet system helps the handicapped user to stay clean without sacrificing their security. Most medical accidents in the bathroom are due to senior or handicapped users struggling to clean themselves after using the toilet.
  • Corner Toilet
    When bathroom floorspace is at a premium, a corner toilet can come in handy. With a triangular reservoir, this is the ideal toilet for handicapped person with limited space. If you have an oddly shaped or limited bathroom, you might want to have this model in mind.
  • Motorized Adjusting Toilet
    A raised toilet for disabled person or people is typically limited by its installation size. Fortunately, with a motorized toilet in place, you can move the seat up and down at your leisure. This is a great toilet for people who don’t want the pressure of being limited to a single level. Additionally, this toilet can easily meet the requirements for ADA toilet seat height regulations.
  • Portable Toilet
    Portable toilets are ideal when you don’t want to go through with a full remodel of your bathroom. With a movable base and the option to opt for wide seating, this can be a reasonable solution for users who need aid going to the bathroom. You do not have to install this style of toilet, though this model is basic in technology it provides an accessible solution for a handicapped person.
  • Tall Toilet
    The final option on our list, tall toilets are ideal for users who have trouble sitting down and standing back up. As this is a huge part of the bathroom experience, tall toilets seek to make the physical act all the easier and more secure. Tall toilets are also ideal for taller users who have mobility limitations.

How To Choose A Toilet For Handicapped Person

Choosing the right toilet for your handicapped loved one can be tough. Whether you need tall toilets for elderly users or a low-base option with energy efficient flush options, you’ll need to make sure that you prepare accordingly.

  • Analyze Bathroom Space
    Before you make a toilet purchase, start by analyzing the floorspace of your bathroom. If you are looking at extra tall toilets, for example, you’ll need additional space on your walls. Things like pre-installed shelving or decorative bars could end up getting in the way. Also, consider the need for a separate commode chair or walker device.
  • Consider Weight Capacity
    A high seat toilet that is directly bolted to the ground will have a different weight capacity than that of a wall-mounted toilet. Consider the likely weight of the people in your home who will be using the toilet and then go from there. Traditionally, floor-mounted toilets can withstand up to 1,000 lbs of weight. Wall-mounted toilets typically drop to around 500lbs of weight capacity. Your mileage will vary based on the model that you are considering purchasing.
  • Focus on Usability
    Handicapped individuals will have different requirements in order to have their security ensured. Whether you need high toilets for elderly users who have trouble sitting down, or a portable toilet for individuals struggling with incontinence, there will be an option that can fit your requirements. Also remember that as the model types change, so will some of the materials being used in the construction. Steel floor-mounted toilets, for example, are much sturdier than portable plastic commodes and thus infinitely safer.
  • Optional Features
    Do you need arm bars? Do you require a boosted seat? What about energy efficient flushing controls? Do you need your toilet to have easier flushing for a mobility-restricted user? These are all questions to ask yourself as you shop through the different options.
  • Ease-of-Installation
    Portable toilets have no installation requirements. Wall-mounted toilets will require harder work and some experience handling installation tools. If you have any installation limitations, such as your floorspace, that also has to be paid attention to.

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