Swivelling Bath Seats

Swivelling bath seats have become very popular with seniors or those with handicaps still living at home. The purpose of these bathroom aids are to provide the support to safely enter and exit the shower and/or tub from a more stable seated position. These convenient bathing aids can come with or without rotating seats, and these assist devices allow a person to safely slide from one spot to another. Some of these ingenious bathroom bathing/showering/dressing aids sit close to the tubside for easier storage that takes up less space when the item is not being used.

These bath/shower seats for adults are typically recommended for individuals still living at home or with family that have difficulty getting in and out of their regular bathtubs or showers. This can be an excellent option for those who do not want to invest in a walk-in bath/shower unit.

There are some skills that are required to use these assist devices. These include:

  • Must have the ability to seat themselves & stand up or must be able to move laterally from wheelchair to the bath/shower seat
  • Need ability to raise feet/legs up and over the tubside wall
  • Must also be able to swivel, pivot and/or glide the seat independently or with caregiver assistance

Top rated swivelling bath seats models

  • Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat. Space Saving Design for Tubs and Showers. Featuring Premium PADDED Shower & Bath Chair with Convenient Arms that Pivot. by Platinum Health

Designed and recommended by leading physiotherapists, nurses and doctors, this innovative bathroom aid is ideal for those who have difficulty walking or have decreased mobility. Featuring a sturdy swiveling bath seat and sliding chair, this terrific model offers true support and mobility allowing the user to be more independent with personal care needs. Luxurious yet practical comfort padding that beads moisture off is soft and delightfully warm next to delicate skin unlike other seats with cold uncomfortable plastic that can cause skin tears. This product boasts a durable aluminum frame that is rustproof, no-tool adjustment options and full 360 degree swivel seat with safe locking abilities.

  • Swivel Seat – Space Saving Design
  • Soft Padded Seat/Back
  • Nice Blue Shade Provides Safer Contrast for Visually Challenged
  • Professional Grade – Durable, Rust-Proof Aluminum Frame
  • Easy No-Tool Assembly & Adjustable Height Options
  • Full 360 degree Seat Rotation for Maximum Comfort
  • Pivoting Armrests – Can Lock or Swing Out of Way During Transfers
  • Designed & Recommended by Top Healthcare Specialists.
  • Tub Transferring Bench and Sliding Shower Chair. Crafted from Non Slip Aluminum of Heavy Duty Strength, and Offers Plastic Seat with Adjustable Seat Height and Cut Out Access Holding Weight… by Duro-Med

This is an outstanding pick for individuals that need some assistance in the bath. It’s easy to use, user simply sits down or transfers from a wheelchair, raise legs/feet into tub then glides effortlessly across into the bath/shower independently or with caregiver assistance.

Caregivers and their care recipients will appreciate the design of this back-saving bathing aid model. A secure nylon safety strap ensures safe use and added stability. The frame has adjustable legs and secure suction cup tips that are non-slip help provide increased stability for the user. There is an convenient cutout that allows access to the users private areas while showering. This handicap bathtub seat that slides across seamlessly is a must-see-to-appreciate fantastic bathing assist product. Innovative Slider Bath Chair Transfers Person from Toilet to Tub

  • Eagle Health Supplies – Toilet-to-Tub Sliding Transfer Bench (77993) – XX Long (Base Length: 64.5″ – 65.5″) by Eagle Health Supplies

This sturdy and easy-to-use bathtub seat for adults glides from toilet to shower/tub smoothly and seamlessly. This product can save consumers the money that they would require to have a walk-in shower/tub unit. This specific model offers the user a more independent bathing experience. If the user needs some caregiver assistance, the design of this model makes that simple.

One of the big benefits of this bathing/showering transferring aid is the smooth operation so the user doesn’t have to awkwardly scoot. The unit can be assembled without tools, and the user has the option of setting it up both on the left and to the right depending on the specific room space. Handy commode cutout allows the person to perform personal hygiene with more privacy. Extra wide seat offers a comfortable experience, and clever drainage holes allow the water to drain out keeping mold and mildew away. Made of rustproof higher quality aluminum makes this product super strong but lightweight enough to move it easily when needed.

  • Reliable & Safe Use
  • Convenient Transferring Capabilities
  • Comfortable Molded Plastic Seat with Drain Holes to Prevent Mold/Mildew
  • May be Setup on Either Side
  • Promotes More Independence
  • Adjustable Height
  • No-Tool Assembly
  • Can Hold Up to 350 lbs
  • The HIP SOLUTION(tm) Bath and Shower Transfer Bench by Platinum Health

Finally, those individuals that are recovering from a broken hip or other lower body injury can use this novel swivel bath seat with pivot-transfer sliding ability. The sleek design allows the user to use the shower/tub without causing pain on their injured site. Ideal for postoperative knee/hip injury patients, this bathing aid is a true game-changer.

With its sturdy construction and comfortable padding, this product offers users the advantage of remaining more independent with regards to personal care needs like showering. The ingenious design that keeps the user safe without compromising the healing surgical site. The vibrant blue shade allows individuals that have difficulty with their vision to be able to quickly see where the seat is.

Some of the details regarding this product include:

  • Designed & Recommended by OT/PT professionals
  • Best Postoperative Shower/Bathing Aid for Hip/Knee Replacement Users
  • Soft, Comfortable & Easy Wash/Dry/Sanitize
  • Pivots to Keep Body in Correct Alignment
  • Provides Increased Stability, Balance & Safety
  • Space Saving Design
  • Adjustable Padded Armrests Can Be Locked
  • Easy-to-Clean & Dry
  • Platinum Health Revolution Pivoting Shower Chair with Padded Back and Arms by Platinum Health

This is another great product that was designed and is currently recommended by leading OT/PT professionals and other healthcare members. Users can be better protected from falls or another injury while in the bath by utilizing this safer shower chair option. The brighter blue padded seat, back and arms enables those with diminished vision to confidently locate the chair when needed.

This impressive swival bath seat for the shower offers a comfortable place to rest while bathing or showering. The sturdy design and safe-use features can give the user greater confidence and feelings of security. Featuring suction based non-slip tips, and lightweight but durable aluminum frame, this is by far one of the best shower chairs on the market. An easy-to-use swivel mechanism has a lock and can pivot without causing strain or an unbalanced feeling. The chairs padding is easily washed, dries fast and is made to repel the water so molds and mildew will stay far away.

Advantages of this chair include:

  • Top-Grade Materials
  • Sturdy Design
  • Safer Pivoting Ability
  • Padded Arm Rests, Seat & Back for Comfort
  • Swing-Back Armrests During Transfers
  • Promotes Independence
  • OasisSpace 360 Degree Rotating Shower Chair, Tool Free Adjustable Shower Stool Tub Chair and Bathtub Seat Bench with Anti-Slip Rubber Tips for Safety and Stability by Oasis Space

This simplistic yet practical and effective rotating adult bath seat/shower chair/bathtub bench might be just what your senior or recovering surgical patient needs to get some of their independence back. This sturdy shower chair can swivel for better bathing access. The adjustable legs have rubber tips to keep the stool from sliding.

This bathing/showering aid can fit up to 300 lbs, and the overall design of this stool/bench makes it easy to store. This is a wonderful addition to a home care setting. It works well for anyone with a handicap that affects their mobility, pregnant women, seniors and anyone else just wanting a bit more security in the bath.

Some things to consider:

  • Durable Frame Yet Lightweight
  • Sturdy Holds Up to 300 lbs
  • Easy to Maintain & Clean
  • Rubber Coated Tips for Non-Slip Use
  • Adjustable Height
  • Swivel Seat up to 360 Degrees

There are some novel and easy ways to ensure safe transfers in and out of the shower/tub. A number of highly rated bath seats, shower chairs and sturdy benches that consumers can select from are designed and recommended by top healthcare professionals. With a little thought and research, everyone can find the right solution for their bathing/showering needs or those of someone being cared for.