Handicap Shower Heads

8 Best Handicap shower heads

  • The Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head

This handicap hand held shower head is top-of-the-line shower head that has an attractive body, so it is quite durable since it is made out of the best material. The Showerhead is both a fixed overhead shower as well as a handheld shower with a flexible pipe which is made out of stainless steel. Both the handheld shower and the fixed one has five different settings which can be set easily.

The shower head has a patented adjustment mechanism which is a breeze to check and change, so the very elderly have no problem figuring out the controls. Both of the shower heads, the fixed and handheld can be set at any angle to simplify the process of bathing even further.

  • ShowerMaxx Handheld Shower Head

This elegantly shaped shower head is light which makes it suitable as one of the best shower heads for disabled. It has a reasonably long, flexible pipe to allow for maximum mobility. The metal body has an attractive finish, so the shower head lasts longer making it very reliable. The sprinkle of the pipe has three different setting options as well. Six different settings can be achieved, two of which are a result of combining two different flows. There is a High force spray which sends maximum water flow for a thorough cleansing.

The Light Mist option is for a gentler shower. The third one is Power Massage which sends gusts of warm water to relax the body. The fourth setting is a combination of the High force and the Light Mist suitable for an overall bathing experience. Fifth is High force plus Power massage which is quite rigorous. The last setting is the slow trickle which saves water and is perfect for gentle washing.

The unique feature of this shower head is its ability to prevent clogging and cleaning itself in the process.

  • Moen DN8001CH Home Care Pause Controlling Hand Held Shower

The Moen DN8001CH Home Care Pause Controlling Hand Held Shower is super light at just 1.65 pounds in weight and is one of the best handheld shower head for the old people to bath. The shower has an elegant finish while the pipe itself is made out of soft yet sturdy plastic and is seven feet long.

The shower head has a specially designed handle with a safety strap to allow for a firm grasp. The textured rubber detailing on the handle also ensures that the shower head does not slip even when the hands are wet or soapy. It may not have a whole lot of settings options, but it does have an adjustment push feature on the actual shower head to turn on or off the flow of water at will.

  • AquaDance High-Pressure Handheld Shower

This attractive finish shower head has a five feet long pipe which can be used as a handheld shower or as an overhead fixed shower head. Angle adjustment is an option for maximum pliability and ease of use.

The 3.5” shower head sprinkles water at a high force ensuring a quick and thorough cleaning experience. Aside from the high force setting option, there are five additional settings as well. The shower head has the self-cleaning mechanism which ensures there is absolutely zero build-up and clogging which can be extremely difficult to deal with. What makes this shower heads suitable for the seniors is its ergonomic handle for a stable and secure grasp.

Switching to different points needs a little force. The pipe is not as long as other brands are offering.

  • HotelSpa-7 Setting AquaCare Series Handheld Shower Head

Only weighing a pound and possibly the lightest shower on the list and has seven different force settings as the name suggests. Also, the pipe extends from five feet to seven feet for increased mobility and adjustability. The length of the pipe and the easy reach bracket holder make the shower suitable for the elderly. The attractive finish shower dial is 4” in diameter and has a spiral flow mechanism which is quite unique.

The dial is further divided into sections with smaller and bigger holes to allow for the seven different force settings. The option for water conservation is also present, and the on and off push button is conveniently located for ease of use.
The shower has an elegant finish and lasts a long time since it is water resistant and doesn’t rust.

The pause switch does not completely switch off water flow, and also water-pressure is not as good as compared to other models.

  • AquaSense 3 Setting Handheld Shower

The shower head comes with an astonishingly long pipe which is 80 inches long. The extremely long pipe is completely tangle free and designed specifically for the disabled.

Despite the long pipe the shower just weighs about 1.3 pounds and has three different wash settings. You can get a wide sprinkle, a standard sprinkle, or a narrow sprinkle depending upon your personal preference. The setting is controlled by the dial located at the base of the handheld shower and is really simple to operate.

Leakage issues arise and operating the valve is not super convenient.

  • WaterPik Massage Handheld Shower Head

It has an attractive finish shower head with a five feet long pipe that allows great flexibility and mobility. The ridges on the handle make it mount securely and prevent any slippage.

The shower head is design specifically to have six different water flows. The OptiFlo technology makes it the ultimate massage shower head and sets it apart from the rest.

  • DreamSpa Handheld Shower

The DreamSpa shower with its minute details is truly a multi-functional shower head. This 3-in-1 shower head setting truly sets it apart. The three-way diverter and complete angle adjustment make the shower head even more comfortable to use. It can also enable you to use the overhead shower and the handheld shower simultaneously. Low water-pressure can sometimes cause inconvenience with this model for some.

How To Choose a Hand Held Shower Heads for the Elderly

These are some of the features of a shower head that must be noted when looking for the perfect shower accessories suitable for people with disabilities, some medical condition or the aging population.

  • Weight: The shower head must be light enough to be held by the elderly. Since elderly people are weak and do not have much muscle strength, the handicap shower head for them should be lightweight.
  • Grip: The handicap shower head holder for the elderly needs to have an excellent gripping mechanism. A rubber covering for the part which handheld can be very useful because stainless steel can become slippery once wet.
  • Adjustable hose: Having the ease and convenience of an adjustable is also essential to give more options to the elderly. Some may need to take a shower while standing, while others might prefer a sitting position while showering due to a physical condition they might suffer from.
  • Ease of cleaning: Elderly must not fuss too much about cleaning so having a shower head which is easy to clean and maintain is a huge plus.
  • Material: Chrome shower heads are the best quality when it comes to material since they last a long time.
  • Ease of control: The shower heads must have a variety of settings to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water flow. The operation needs to be simple, so elderly people can conveniently change these to suit their needs.

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