Best Furniture Risers

Here at furniture risers, we know how important furniture risers are for your home. They can make a huge difference in the way you live and work. But with so many furniture risers out there, it can be hard to find the best ones for your needs without wasting time and money on products that don’t work. That’s why we’ve written this article which will help you find furniture risers that fit your space and budget perfectly!

What are Desk & Table Risers

Desk and table risers are furniture pieces designed to elevate a desk or table by providing additional height at the base. These furniture risers come in different styles, including wood, metal, fabric covered.

Standard sizes of furniture risers include 24″, 30″ & 36″.

What are Bed Risers?

Bed risers are furniture that can be placed under the feet of a bed to raise your mattress and off the cold floor. You can also place furniture on them like desk risers or for pets, so they don’t have to jump up onto furniture. Bed risers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, including wood, steel, and furniture risers.

Who should buy Furniture Risers?

Bed Risers can be used by people who have difficulty getting up from the floor or those with arthritis and need to get out of bed without using furniture. Desk Risers are used by people who work on their computer all day or simply want a better position for working at desks while sitting rather than standing.

Health-Related Sleep Issues

Bed risers are used to add height and depth to furniture, such as beds. Some people buy furniture risers for health reasons, like having difficulty with sleep or mobility problems that may be worsened when getting out of bed in the morning. Bed Risers make it easier to get up from a sitting down position by providing support on the side of the bed.

Bed risers are also helpful to people with arthritis, spinal cord injuries, back pain, or other health problems.

Dimensions and Height

Furniture risers can also be used to provide support for furniture that needs repair. If you are looking to buy furniture or appliances online, but the dimensions do not match where it needs to go, furniture risers could fix this problem by adding depth and height.

Lastly, if you are looking to elevate furniture or appliances in your home, furniture risers can provide just the right amount of height.

Set Size

When furniture risers are used in conjunction with furniture, it can make furniture look bigger, and the furniture’s size would be increased.

This is especially true for couches, sofas, and beds of all sizes. If you think that furniture or appliances need to be larger than they currently are, furniture risers will work well.

Use furniture risers to create more space for living room furniture. If you have too much furniture and not enough floor or table space, then furniture risers can be a great way to increase the size of your furniture by using them as standoffs.

Weight Capacity

Furniture risers can be used to support the furniture that needs repair or over time. Suppose you have a heavy piece of furniture, such as a piano or table with some weight on it, and the legs are starting to give out. In that case, furniture risers will provide sturdy support for your furniture by increasing its capacity.

If furniture risers are used in conjunction with furniture, it can make furniture look bigger and the furniture’s size would be increased.

If you think that furniture or appliances need to be larger than they currently are, then furniture risers will work well. Use furniture risers to create more space for living room furniture. If you have too much furniture and not enough floor or table space, then furniture risers can be a great way to increase the size of your furniture by using them as standoffs.

Buy furniture risers if you need more weight capacity to provide sturdy support for heavy pieces of furniture or if you simply need to add a few inches of height.

Cons and Cautions

Furniture risers should be used with furniture and appliances in mind. The furniture that you are placing on the furniture risers needs to have at least enough of an opening size for the furniture riser’s appropriate leg width.

If this is not done, then it may cause some stress or weight problems. When the furniture has many furniture risers on it, it should be spaced out evenly so that the furniture is not uneven.

Furniture risers can also help save your furniture from wear and tear that furniture can get overtime.

Factors to Consider when looking for Furniture Risers

There are a few factors that you’ll want to consider before purchasing furniture risers.

Weight Capacity

The furniture risers need to be able to support the furniture that will be on top of them. If you put furniture risers under furniture like sofas, it has a weight capacity ranging from 130 pounds to 250 pounds per square inch.

If the furniture is too heavy for your desired height range, there may not be enough furniture risers to support the furniture.

Furniture risers should not be used in kitchens or other wet areas because furniture riser legs can lead to corrosion and rusting over time if they are exposed to water for long periods.

The furniture that you place on top of furniture risers needs enough space around its frame so that furniture risers can penetrate the furniture’s legs.

The furniture that you place on top of furniture risers needs to be big enough for furniture risers’ appropriate leg width to provide sturdy support and stability.

If not, then it may cause some stress or weight problems with your furniture. The furniture riser should have even spacing, so furniture is not uneven when there are many furniture risers on a piece of furniture.

It’s important to consider the type and weight capacity for furniture that will be placed on top of it before purchasing furniture risers.

Construction Material

Different furniture risers have different materials that they are made of.

Some furniture risers can be metal, wood, or foam rubber. There is no real consensus on which one is the most durable in weight capacity because it depends on the furniture piece you’re using.

The best thing to do would be to contact a furniture risers’ manufacturer to find out which furniture risers are best suited for your furniture.

Floor Protection

When furniture risers are used for furniture that will be in contact with the floor, it is important to find furniture riser legs with protective rubber tips on them.

These types of furniture risers can help prevent any scratches or damages from happening to your floors.

It’s also a good idea to use furniture riser legs with furniture that have an anti-slip texture and furniture legs with wheels.

If you’re looking for furniture risers to use under your furniture in a kitchen or other wet area, then be sure not to get furniture risers made of metal because they will rust over time if exposed to water for long periods.

The Best Furniture Risers

There are many furniture risers on the market that can be purchased.

The best choice depending on what type of furniture you’re using them with.

Best Overall:

Slipstick CB658 Stack-Its 1 Inch adjustable bed risers Glides X-Protector-Furniture Glides

Stack-It adjustable furniture risers are a perfect way to make your low-sitting chairs, desks, beds, and dresser more accessible. These height-adjustable bed risers have contours designed with a universal fit to securely hold in all floor rectangle-shaped furniture feet 1 to 3.5 inches wide or 0.5 -1.5 inch long panels/bases! The anti-slip grippers at the bottom of the rim keep you stylishly safe on your ground without causing any damage from sliding furniture strands (only for use on hard flat surfaces). That’s an elegant problem solver.


  • anti-slip grippers;
  • 1 to 3.5 inches wide;
  • 0.5 -1.5 inch long.


  • not a permanent solution;
  • no slot for the bed frame.

Best Non Slip

Ezprotekt 4 Pack Furniture Risers Solid Steel Bed Riser Sofa Lift

Suppose you’re looking for a sturdy, non-cracking bed riser that will lift to 50,000 pounds under the furniture per leg without scratching or wearing out your flooring material. These Ezprotekt Furniture Risers are a perfect solution! The 4 pack of 1.2″ chair risers is made of Carbon steel and form-fitted with a non-woven fabric on the bottom that prevents marring and scratching surfaces. They can be placed anywhere around the room to assist in sitting/standing or provide other multi-functional needs while boosting ergonomics at home.


  • lift up to 50,000 pounds;
  • elevate furniture up to 1.2 inches;
  • prevents scratching surfaces;
  • non-slipping.


  • furniture leg could sink into the center of the riser.

Best Wooden Option

Sevender Furniture Lifter Nature Color Wood Riser

Get your life organized with this natural wood furniture lifter. With a great design and easy installation process, this product is right up your alley. It’s not often that you find something so practical and helpful while still fashionable, but it’s just what the doctor ordered. 


  • simple, secure design;
  • lift height – 3.94 inches.


  • could be damaged due to the water.

Best For Oversized Furniture Legs

iPrimio 3 Inch Heavy Duty Oversized Bed Riser with Raised Walls

This handy product will never leave you wondering where to put your legs. Raise up to 3 inches, and it is strong enough to hold 6,000 pounds! So medium or small furniture – iPrimio has got you covered!


  • elevate furniture up to 3 inches;
  • 3 raised walls;
  • lift up to 6,000 pounds.


  • a sturdy rubber bottom not always keeps the furniture in place.

Best Stackable for Adjustable Height

Slipstick Store CB658 Stack-Its 1 Inch Adjustable

The adjustable furniture risers are perfect for adding a little more height or 3 inches specifically so all family members can comfortably enjoy a seat on the couch, bed, desk, or wherever it may be needed. With grippers attached at both ends giving the user an extra non-slip grip on the bottom, this is a guarantee you won’t see anyone dragging themselves away from home because they lost their balance again.


  • adding a 3 inches height;
  • anti-slip grippers at the bottom of the rim.


  • some furniture legs may not be wide enough to fit inside of the riser.

Best for adding the most Height

Honey-Can-Do Stackable Bed Risers

These sturdy wood bed risers provide a 3″ lift from the ground. The 3-inch. In that case, the diameter inset center makes these risers both comfortable and supportive.


  • well made and sturdy.


  • the circle was drilled not significantly wider.

Best for Thin Legs

AIRUJIA Adjustable Furniture

The dual-leg design of this stool not only provides stability but is also much better than one-leg stools, which can be easily toppled over. 

Plus, when the time comes to change things up a bit or just add on some more storage space, these adjustable furniture risers allow two positions: 2-5/8 inches high (ideal if there are carpets at home) or 4 inches high (dimensions: 15″Lx14″Wx3″).


  • adjustable;
  • 45% rotatable.


  • not very strong.

What Are the Best Bed Risers – introduction

The best furniture risers for your bed are the ones that help you sleep better. There’s a variety of furniture risers to make this happen. But some of them have proven themselves better.

iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers

Our square risers can elevate up to 2 inches providing floor storage for couches, chairs, and Ikea furniture with the help of an elevated bed or sofa while still looking stylish! These solid plastic design risers are made to stack evenly, so you’ll be able to store more in less space. 


  • fits on most home furniture;
  • anti-skid grip;
  • lifts over 10,000 lbs per leg.


  • the rubber piece inside the riser is not attached.

Tomokazu Ralston Solid Wood Bed Risers

Tomokazu Ralston bed risers are the perfect rose to a whole night’s sleep! These hefty risers raise your furniture up 3 inches from the ground to make sure you’re not sleeping on an uncomfortable surface. Made out of eco-friendly rubberwood and only weighing a few pounds, these durable gems will be sure to last for years. With four different sizes so that you can pick which one fits best with your furniture, we think Tomokazu is something worth drooling over.


  • eco-friendly material;
  • 3 inches in height.


  • has problems with stability.

Utopia Adjustable Bed and Furniture Risers

Say goodbye to having to rearrange your decor just for the bed! With Utopia Adjustable Bed and Furniture Risers, you can finally enjoy an evening of relaxing without worrying about whether or not your furniture is going to tip over. Made out of heavy-duty plastic, these risers are mighty tough – standing up against some heavy furniture while still giving steady ground!

For those who want a more style-conscious home, this pocket-size item also provides comfort while looking stylish.


  • heavy-duty plastic;
  • support a total of up to 1,300 lbs.


  • for the furniture legs, which are no thicker than 2.75″.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 12-Inch-Tall Bed Risers Safe?

It’s important to note that furniture risers never go under furniture, and they are not used as a permanent solution.

When furniture risers can’t be avoided,  they should always be at least 12″ tall (measured from the floor) or lower than the height of your furniture legs, so there is no risk for injury while moving furniture.

Bed risers are safe because furniture legs never go over the top of them, and they’re not used as a permanent solution.  If you need to raise furniture, use furniture risers that don’t exceed 12″ tall, so there is no risk for injury while moving furniture.

Are Stackable Bed Risers Safe?

Yes, furniture risers that stack are safe. The furniture is always on the top level, and furniture legs never go over them – eliminating any risk for injury while moving furniture.

Which is the most reliable material: wood, plastic, or metal?

Furniture risers are made out of different materials. Wood furniture risers are sturdy and eco-friendly but not durable enough for heavy furniture – they’re perfect for light furniture. Plastic furniture risers will support more weight than wood due to increased density in their material; however, furniture risers made out of rubberwood will be the most durable. Metal furniture risers are sturdy, but they can’t support more than a few hundred pounds without starting to bend or break – so these aren’t usually recommended for furniture with heavyweight loads.

How tall can couch legs be with added furniture risers?

The furniture risers will add about 24″ of height, which is plenty for most people under six feet tall. If you’re taller than six feet, then the furniture risers may not provide enough extra lift. In that case, another option would be to add furniture risers to the space under your couch.

Due to their lightweight, furniture risers are easy to move around and place inside furniture so you can customize your height needs. You may also use them for other things like a chair or ottoman that isn’t tall enough for you.

What is the Weight Limit For Bed Risers?

Bed risers can hold up to 250 lbs of weight.

How do you install bed risers?

Bed risers are a furniture accessory that can be installed by attaching them to the bed frame with screws, nails, or adhesive. Some furniture risers may require you to drill holes in your furniture before installation, so make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow all safety precautions on the packaging for installing these types of furniture risers.

This will ensure that furniture risers are securely fastened to your furniture and will not fall off.

How do you hide bed risers from sight?

Many furniture risers are designed to be concealed from sight, either by their design or with furniture covers. This is especially important in a bedroom where the bed should ideally be the focal point of your décor.


Furniture risers are a great way to raise your furniture off the ground and give it a new life. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so that you can find the perfect match for any home décor style or space. If you’re looking to save money on carpet replacement costs or just want some extra storage underneath your bed frame, riser mats may be the answer!