Best front wheeled walkers

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There are many individuals that need some support while walking but do not need a wheelchair. Walkers are a popular and easy choice for many with ambulation difficulties. These walkers now come in a wide variety of different design models, added comfort features and color options. It pays to shop around to get one that ideally suits your specific mobility needs and requirements.

Those that visit a rehab center to get rehabilitation from professional rehab specialists can often get recommendations from them for the best type of walker that will suit their needs. Front wheeled walkers are popular for a variety of reasons.

These walkers can be found in fold-down options that make them easy to transport from place to place. Additionally, many are lightweight enough for portable travel and less space is needed for storage purposes.

When determining which walker to buy, it is best to consider the styles before purchasing. Some will have additional swivel wheels that can be purchased separately if desired. There are some splendid models that have an additional cushioned seat and padded backrest for the ultimate comfortable walker experience.

Be sure to pay attention to the weight and height adjustment options for every walker model being considered for purchase. Many sturdier designs and clever height adjustment mechanisms make it easier for larger users to find the proper design style.

Best front wheeled walkers models

Below are some recommended walkers with product details that can assist customers in choosing the right walker model.

  • Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Universal Walker by Drive Medical

This deluxe universal folding two button walker by Drive Medical is made of anodized sturdy aluminum that is incredibly lightweight and corrosion proof. This convenient walker comes in a nice grey color and features easy-rolling 5″ wheels and is sized for either a junior or average adult. The height can be easily adjusted, and the side braces also adjusts at the same time to provide greater stability and balance for the user.

A very simple-to-operate push-button mechanism can be operated with palms, fingers or the side of a hand. Each individual side of this impressive walker adjusts independent of the other.

This strategic design allows the user to easily maneuver through those narrower tight places, and the steady frame construction gives maximum stability when simply standing. The wheels are standard with smoothly gliding rear glide caps and covers making this walker a cinch to operate.


  • Sturdy Aluminum Design Gives Additional Stability
  • Lightweight Construction for Easy-Carry & Easy-Storage
  • Heavy-Duty Enough for Up to 300 lb Weight Capacity
  • Convenient Side Braces with Height Adjustments
  • Each Side of Walker Adjust Independent of the Other
  • Able to Maneuver Easily in Tight, Narrower Spaces
  • Newer Glide Caps on Rear Allows Easy-Glide Over Various Walking Surfaces
  • Comfortable Vinyl Hand Grips


  • Hard to Find Tray that Fits Well Enough
  • Some Adjustments Can Make Walker Wobble a Bit

Able Life Space Saver Walker by Able Life

This particular front wheeled walker is one of the smallest ones available today on the market. The user needs only to use a finger to press the tab that allows this walker to fold-up into just 7″ in diameter. This model weighs a scant 7.5 lbs making it ideal for travel purposes.

The walker is able to accommodate weights up to a 400 lb capacity, and the height adjustable handles can also be adjusted for a custom fit as well. It is equipped with stationary 6″ wheels, but the customer can purchase additional swivel wheels too. Easy-glide rear feet allow the user to maneuver comfortably on all types of terrain and various surfaces.

This conveniently designed 2 wheeled walker folds-down to a size that is 4X smaller than other walker models. This makes it an ideal choice for everyday use, out shopping or traveling around the globe. Three trendy colors are available, and this cobalt blue shade is always a popular pick. The height can be adjusted from 32″ to 38.5″ for user comfort.


  • Portable Design Folds-Down to 4X Smaller Than Average Walkers & Rollators
  • Easy-Glide Rear Feet Allows Smooth Ride Over Most Surfaces
  • Equipped with Stabilizing Stationary Wheels but Swivel Ones Available
  • Hand Grip Adjustments for Height
  • Space-Saving Design Fits Narrower Spaces & Doorways
  • Fantastic for Travel, Outings & Everyday Use
  • Needs Less Storage Space
  • Three Trendy Color Choices – This Cobalt Blue Attractive & Popular
  • Accommodates Up to 400 lbs


  • Very Tall – Over 6′ Users Have Difficulty with Height Adjustment Settings
  • Terrific for Indoor Use – Might Not be Rugged Enough for Frequent Outdoor Use per Some Customers
  • Stander Ez Fold N’ Go Lightweight Travel Walker by Stander

This comfortable and classy looking front wheel walker is an excellent choice for its lightweight and portable design. The walker folds quickly down to 4X smaller size dimensions than other rollators and average walkers. Perfect for individuals that love to get up and go. This model offers 6″ swivel or fixed wheels, the easy-glide rear feet deliver smoother maneuvers on all sorts of different surfaces.

The 2 wheel walker is sturdy, yet the frame is lightweight enough for travel purposes, and the height can be customized to suit each user comfortably. It comes in three smashing colors, and this rich black walnut hue is beautiful. Users love that this walker adjusts with a click of a finger, and it is easy-to-store and carry making it an ideal portable walker option.


  • Able to Fold-Down to Smaller Size for Carry, Travel & Storage
  • Rear Situated Easy-Glide Feet Able to Handle Various Walking Surfaces
  • Sturdy & Secure 6″ Wheels Choice of Swivel & Fixed Plus Includes Wheel Lock for Added Safety
  • Can Get Custom Height Fit with Height Adjustment Settings
  • Three Great Color Options – This Rich Walnut Hue Attractive for Men & Women
  • Portable Lightweight Design – Terrific for Travel
  • Promotes Independence – Easy-to-Store with Touch-Button Adjustments – Operates like Umbrella Strollers for Easy Adjustments


  • Some Users Had Difficulty on Gravel & Bumpy Outdoor Surfaces – Had to Switch Wheels
  • May Bend with Very Hard Use – Meant to Be Used as Portable Walker
  • Walker Folding Deluxe by Healthline Trading

Comfortable and easy-to-operate push-button folding adjuster mechanism makes this attractive and lightweight walker an easy choice among two wheel walkers. These two wheeled walkers feature extraordinary comfort grip handles that make it a breeze to move around independently knowing that your hands are protected.

Top quality front wheels are 5″ and glide perfectly over a wide variety of walking surfaces indoors or out. People of all heights can use this durable and comfortable to use walker. Crafted from rugged aluminum, this walker choice is well suited for even taller individuals.

An ingenious U-shaped front design allows the user more room and extra clearance space that users truly will appreciate. With the padded comfort hand grips, accidental hand slippage is never an issue. Easily folds-down for storage or travel. The walker easily accommodates up to 300 lbs.

The additional round gliding caps and sturdy easy-roll wheels offer maximum mobility potential. No tools are required for easy assembling.


  • Easily Adjusted Height Options for Short, Average & Tall Users
  • Very Comfortable Hand Grips Prevents Hand Fatigue & Strain
  • Top-Quality Wheels – 5″ Front Wheels with Rear Glide Caps for Smooth Use & Roll Action
  • Two Push-Button Operation – Simple to Use & Fold-Down for Storage
  • Sturdy & Durable Aluminum that is Ionized for Rustproof Wear
  • Unique U-Shaped Front Design Offers More Room and Clearance Space
  • Lightweight Enough for Portable & Travel Use
  • Comfy Ribbed Hand Grips
  • Sturdy Design Accommodates Up to 300 lbs


  • Some Buyers Complained of Not Receiving All Components & Needed to Contact Customer Service Rarely
  • Might Be Tricky to Setup for Some – Wheel Adjustment Especially but Easy Fix
  • Drive Medical 1239BL Two Wheeled Walker with Seat by Drive Medical

The increased support that this impressive two wheeled walker offers is well worth buying. It has a convenient sturdy seat that allows the user a place to rest if legs or feet become too tired. This model is a terrific choice for individuals that have difficulty with their balance or ambulation.

Although this durable walker is suited for longer term and frequent use, it is still lightweight enough for users to carry, travel or store away in a flash. Since the handles are designed more like rollators, the larger swivel front wheels lets the user move forward without the need to lift up the rear for ultra smooth mobility options users will quickly fall in love with.

This smooth front wheel walker with seat locks down quickly by pressing down on the rear legs for added security and safe user ability. The comfortably padded seat and backrest gives the user a comfy and secure spot to rest up for awhile. Folds-up in a snap when not in use.


  • Convenient Included Built-In Padded Seat & Backrest for the Utmost Comfort
  • Easy-to-Fold Into Compact Size for Travel or Storage
  • Rear Leg Tips Offer Braking Action for Increased Security & Safer Use
  • Durable Easy-Glide Larger Swivel Wheels for Expert Precise Maneuvering
  • Strong but Lightweight Aluminum Frame


  • Some Users Didn’t Like Brace Tabs but Could Remove
  • Very Large Users Might Not Comfortably Fit on Seat for Extended Time Length

How to Choose a Front Wheeled Walker

Front wheeled walkers are a fantastic option for users that need some added stability when ambulating. These walkers typically have two front wheels and the back has rubber tips that allow for easy-lift action to glide smoothly over most waling surfaces with minimal effort from the user.

These wheeled walkers improve a person’s balance while increasing mobility at the same time. Many walker manufacturer’s offer glide caps and tips for a smoother experience that won’t grab when walking over uneven surfaces. This same action is similar to what physical therapists use with tennis balls, and this style of walker is definitely preferable for most users.

  • Material & Design Options for a Front Wheel Walker

This style of walker is not recommended for use on stairs, but many users do use them on second story spaces when they need a space-saving walker to fit the narrower spaces. If desiring a heavy duty type of walker, there are steel frame ones that are durable and last after frequent use.

However, there are many front wheeled walkers crafted from a higher grade aluminum that is treated to prevent corrosion. These aluminum models provide enough stability yet are lightweight enough to use as portable travel walker options.

  • Pick the Right Hand Grips for Increased User Comfort

There are a number of choices for hand grips on the 2 wheeled walker selections that all users should carefully consider. If the walker is to be used for longer time lengths, it is generally best to pick a walker that features a contoured or cushioned hand grip for increased comfort while using. Some walkers also include vinyl hand grips with ridges that can make the walker easier to grip if the user’s hands become wet or sweaty.

  • How to Ensure the Best Height & Fit of a 2 Wheel Walker

It is important for the buyer to investigate the height and weight capacity of each walker being considered for purchase. Many models offer broader height adjustment settings that can accommodate both very short and taller individuals with ease.

Another thing to check is the ease in which these kinds of height adjustments will require on the part of the user. Some walkers adjust with just a minimal effort, while others might be a bit tricky for weaker individuals or those with mental limitations. Remember that these height adjustments will differ if the user is wearing higher heeled shoes.

It is incredibly important to research the weight capacity of these walkers before purchasing one. There are some great heavy-duty walker models available on the market. Some walkers also have a conveniently located seat and backrest that allows the user to stop and sit wherever they are. This seat addition can be used to encourage independent mobility and longer treks for users that tire easily or otherwise must walk slower.

Customers looking for well-made two wheeled walkers that are portable, lightweight and simple-to-operate will find many suitable models available. Many users simply want a lightweight version to use for transport, travel or discreet stow away option, and it is worth spending the extra time to shop around for the best price bargains.