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There are a number of reasons why a dog or cat would need some kind of mobility help. Some develop chronic health ailments or simply are aging that reflects in their ability to move comfortably on a daily basis. Other dogs might incur injuries to their legs or need surgery that will present mobility challenges until the surgical site heals.

Other types of situations that could drastically affect a pet’s mobility include:

  • Injuries
  • Age
  • Birth Defects
  • Arthritis or Other Joint Issue
  • Many Diseases & Health Conditions like Cancer, Diabetes & Heart Problems
  • Endocrine Problems
  • Surgeries

For all of the above reasons and many more, pet owners are encouraged to consider purchasing a vet approved animal wheelchair to give their impaired or handicapped pets back their mobility options.

Best doggie wheelchairs for back legs

Below are some top dog wheelchair reviews to assist pet owners in their decision.

  • K9 Carts Custom Built Original Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts

This lightweight doggie wheelchair can be custom built right here in the USA to ensure a perfect fit every time. These practical carts for dogs are the original model designed by orthopedic veterinary surgeons to be the dog wheels for back legs, and the cart can be used in two different ways.

Designed for dogs that are able to use their front legs normally, this particular cart can be used to stabilize the rear legs as a walking cart or as a suspension support that holds the rear legs safely in protective slings.

This ingenious dog mobility cart has been adequately tested by veterinarians fully experienced in working with dogs and other animals that have mobility problems. This ensures that the product is safe to use and will last with frequent use. The cart features rear leg cables practically padded with expertly contoured foam that serves to give the dog ample pelvic support while protecting against friction or pressure sores.

The cleverly crafted cart is made for dogs that have the desire to be active and are able to walk normally with their front legs. The design of this wheelchair for pets enables animals with weakness problems or paralysis of the rear legs to gain back their mobility to lead more normal lives.

The manufacturer recommends that the pet owner perform their “towel test” to determine if this cart is right for their smaller dog or cat. Larger dogs can also be tested in a similar manner by placing a towel under each rear leg supporting the hind legs. This accurately works like the mobility cart, and pet owners should use the test to indicate if the dog or cat will walk normally with the rear legs fully supported.

Some of the common signs for forelimb weakness and problems include:

  • Short & Choppy Type of Steps
  • Front Paws Cross Over Each Other
  • Leans Back on Front Legs
  • Stumbles Awkwardly
  • Knuckles Over with Both or One Just One Forelimb
  • Front Legs Appear Splayed Open


  • Sturdy Design with Comfort Features
  • Works with Medium Sized Dogs or Cats
  • Lightweight Cart Remains Durable
  • Safely Supports Rear Limbs
  • Pet is Able to Do Bathroom Business Normally
  • Able to Be Used Indoors & Out
  • Adjustable for Custom Fit
  • Other Sizes Available


  • Won’t Work if Pet Doesn’t Pass “Test” for Front Leg Strength & Motivation to Walk
  • Metal Protrusion On Back of Cart May Catch on Indoor Furniture
  • Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Medium Dogs Weighing 26 to 49 lbs by Walkin’ Wheels

This innovative product is essentially dog wheels for hind legs. The model is safe for medium sized dogs and is fully veterinarian approved for customer piece of mind.

Pet owners can easily adjust this fantastic mobility cart for dogs to ensure a comfortable fit and adequate support of weakened or injured limbs. Made by veterinarians with years of experience in dealing with pet mobility issues, this product offers a convenient way to help dogs gain back their mobility again.

This attractive pet wheelchair comes in three terrific designs, and pet owners can choose from a stylish camo pattern, pink or blue color options.

Pet owners can also make adjustments for height, width and length for a true and accurate custom fit and support. Sturdy wheels of dense foam allow the animal to navigate over most terrains and surfaces with ease. This product is simple to keep clean, and if ever needing to sell, the adjustable design enables dogs of various sizes to fit the frame and harness style.


  • Supports Well with Padded Contoured Foam for Ultra Comfort
  • Adequate & Safe Support for Back Legs
  • Able to Adjust for Custom Fit
  • Offers Dogs with Rear Leg Weakness or Problems Greater Mobility
  • Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Pet Able to Use Bathroom While Inside of Cart
  • Lightweight Frame is Still Durable for Long-Term Use
  • Comes in Three Trendy Color Choices
  • Folds Down Flat for Easy Storage & Transport
  • All Parts Are Washable
  • Non-Puncture Sturdy Wheels Enables Greater Mobility Options


  • Some Consumers Report Tricky Assembly Instructions
  • A Few Consumers Dislike Wheel Shaft Design
  • Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Larger Dogs from 70 to 180 lbs by Walkin’ Wheels

This safe and veterinarian approved large dog wheelchair is one of the best wheelchairs for dogs currently on the market. Pet owners love the easy-push-button adjustment options, and the durable and strong design frame. Though rugged and great for larger dog breeds, the unit is still incredibly lightweight for easy transport.

There are many reasons for pet owners of larger breed dogs to adore this mobility assist device. A leading benefit is its comfortable and custom fit adjustment options to ensure that your dog remains comfy, safe and happy. Many pet owners and veterinarians believe this to be one of the very best dog wheelchair model versions designed especially for larger breeds like German shepherds and pit bulls.

Not many mobility devices are able to handle the strength and weight of those larger dog breeds. This one delivers comfortable action for dogs that have difficulties with their back legs and need a safe supportive mobility system.

Dog owners report that it is super easy to train dogs to use this practical mobility device able to be used outside and indoors alike. This brand of wheelchair for pets offers customer service support for consumer questions and assistance.

The wheelchair design is able to handle rough terrains and energetic strong dog actions with its surprisingly lighter weight aluminum frame design. This model comes in 3 phenomenal colors, and the cart can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of larger dog breeds comfortably and is veterinarian approved for safe pet mobility support and assistance.


  • Rugged Design Frame That Remains Lightweight
  • Easy to Fold-Down for Storage & Travel or Transport
  • Simple to Adjust with Push-Button Action
  • Fits a Variety of Larger Dog Breeds
  • Includes Comfy Cushioned Custom Support with Foam Padding
  • Dogs Able to Use Bathroom While Inside the Cart
  • Larger Dense Wheels Are Puncture Resistant & Able to Handle Rough Terrains
  • Comes in Three Cool Color Options
  • Suited for Dogs with Back Leg Mobility Limitations
  • Outstanding Brand Customer Support Resources
  • Soft Harness Still Tough Enough to Last Long


  • Might Be a Bit Pricey for Some
  • Some Users Report Difficulty Understanding the Assembly Instructions
  • Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Made for Smaller Dogs from 11 to 25 lbs by Walkin’ Wheels

This has got to be the most perfect small dog wheelchair able to be purchased today. Made especially to meet the unique needs of smaller dogs and cats, this mobility for animal choice lives up to this brand’s fantastic customer service record.

The smaller design of the tough but lightweight aluminum frame offers a truly safer way to give your smaller petite dogs and/or cats back their ability to get around the way that they are meant to. The soft harness and lightweight frame delivers exceptional mobility options for your beloved pet.

Your precious smaller dogs and/or pet cats will be able to quickly adapt to this excellent mobile assist device without much in the way of training. The dog can still do his/her business outside without having to be taken out of the supportive cart.

This smaller dog wheelchair selection has been designed and approved by seasoned veterinarians who have been helping pets with mobility limitations for decades. This easy-to-adjust mobility cart for pets offers reliable support of injured or impaired rear legs while allowing for the pet’s maximum mobility potential.


  • Durable Aluminum Frame Design – Lightweight for Easy-Carry/Transport/Storage
  • May Be Used Indoors or Outside
  • Rugged Dense Foam Wheels Offer Puncture Proof Abilities with All Terrain Surface Choices
  • Available in Trendy Pink, Blue or Camo Shades
  • Folds-Down for Quick Pick Up & Carry Usage
  • Soft Harness & Comfort Foam Padding Provide Luxurious Comfy Fit for Small Pets
  • Delivers Superior Support for Tender Back Legs
  • Easy to Train Pet to Use
  • Simple to Keep Clean
  • Able to Adjust Height, Width & Length for Truly Custom Fit Ability
  • Dogs Able to Use Bathroom While In the Cart
  • Easy Push-Button Adjustment Selections


  • Might Be Somewhat Difficult to Assemble without Help – User Instruction Book Reported Confusing by Some

Pet owners taking care of handicapped dogs or cats can find some practical and easy-to-use mobility aids, carts and wheelchairs design specifically for animals and approved by vets. There are fine models that offer amazing support, greater safety during mobility and comfortable fit for the ultimate animal mobility options. Take some time to read consumer reviews, and be sure to measure for an accurate fit.

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