Bathtubs for Seniors

Seniors who have trouble getting in and out of a bathtub can order a specially designed tub that includes features for easier maneuvering. There are many bathtubs for elderly people that can simplify the process of bathing while eliminating certain safety hazards that could put the health of seniors in jeopardy. Most of these types of tubs are made to resemble standard bathtubs and coincide well with all different bathroom styles. Certain models can even be placed in other rooms of the home for easier accessibility.

Best bathtubs for seniors reviews

  • Kohler K-1150-LA-0 Bancroft 5-Foot Bath with Left-Hand Drain
Kohler K-1150

Inspired by early 20th-century American architecture, this acrylic white bathtub measures 60 by 32 by 20 inches and includes an integral apron and a left-hand drain for more convenience. Its rectangular shape gives it the same look as any standard bathtub. To make bathing even more comfortable and less strenuous on the lower back while sitting, a molded lumber support has been included in the tub’s design. A three-wall alcove installation setup makes the tub easy to put into many standard-sized bathrooms. Alcove installation is made even simpler thanks to the integral flange, which also helps keep water from seeping behind the wall. Molded armrests allow the arms to rest comfortably while bathing. The slip-resistant floor of the tub helps prevent falls. The textured bottom portion enhances the tub’s functionality and style.

  • AKDY Bathroom White Color FreeStand Acrylic Bathtub and Faucet

Fittings are included with this top-of-the-line bathtub for senior citizens to make installing it simpler. The included faucet has knobs that can be turned with little effort. Acrylic material is used to make the tub stronger and last longer. An antibacterial surface is coated with a high gloss white finish to give the tub a more refined appearance. The tub’s color has not been painted on and remains consistent throughout its design. The tub’s outer dimensions measure 66.5 by 33.37 by 23 inches, making it an excellent choice for people with different body types. Increased depth of the tub allows people to submerge themselves completely under water. A chrome-plated drain that is resistant to rust is another practical feature. The polished chrome faucet has a brass finish and comes with a shower wand, hose and set of accessories. This tub meets all ASME code standards.

  • America Standard 2422V002.222 Evolution Bathtub with Dual Molded-in Arm Rests and Undermount Option

This model is reinforced with acrylic and fiberglass for greater durability. The dual molded-in armrests allow seniors to prop their arms up and relax while taking a bath. The reversible drain outlet is another feature that enhances the tub’s functionality. Both drop-in and undermount installations can be completed with this model. A pre-leveled tub bottom has been designed to make people feel more stabled when getting in and out of the tub. With its 21.5 by 32 by 60-inch size, this tub gives most people enough room to enjoy a tranquil bath without feeling cramped.

  • American Standard 2771V002.011 Evolution Deep Soak Bathing Pool

With its 5-feet by 36-inch dimensions, this option is considered to be among the best tubs for seniors who want to go to greater depths of relaxation. The tub is also great for people who need something that can hold 60 gallons or more of water. Its arctic white finish gives it a particularly striking look. Available with an undermount option, the tub also includes molded-in armrests that are ergonomically designed to coincide better with the shape of the human arm. Safer entry and exiting of the tub is made possible by the pre-leveled bottom. The tub is particularly suited for bathrooms with casual décor.

  • American Standard 2425V-LHO002.020 Evolution 5-feet by 32-inch Deep-Soak Bathtub

An apron left-hand drain outlet is included in this model’s design that can empty water from the tub quickly. The acrylic structure is reinforced with fiberglass to help keep the tub intact for the long term. In addition to the two armrests, a backrest has been integrated into the design to make bath time more enjoyable for each person. This is also one of the bathtubs for seniors that has a recessed design, which allows it to be installed with three of its sides covered by wall with the exposed side reinforced by an apron.

Bathtub for the elderly: Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a bathtub that is built specifically for seniors, it is important to choose a model that has the right:

  • Size – Many models are built with different height, length and width measurements, and the dimensions of each tub should be looked at closely so that the right size is chosen. The tub should also be large enough to hold enough gallons of water to allow a person to bathe themselves thoroughly.
  • Material – Acrylic is one of the top materials that is used in many senior bathtubs. Some tubs are also made with acrylic that is reinforced with fiberglass, which can give the tub’s frame more durability. Other good material options include marble, copper and cast iron.
  • Installation Type – An alcove tub is made to fit in between three walls while the exposed side is covered by the tub’s apron. If a tub is to be used in a room other than a bathroom, a freestanding model may be more practical. Drop-in and undermount tubs are installed into premade frames to better coincide with each bathroom’s design. A corner tub is another option that can be installed in a room’s corner to save space.
  • Safety Features – Many tubs have slip-resistant surfaces that help keep seniors from losing their balance and falling. Some tubs are also made with antibacterial surfaces to inhibit the growth of germs. A separate handrail may additionally need to be purchased to make getting in and out of the tub safer. A walk-in tub can be a safer option for people who have more challenges with mobility.
  • Comfort Features – Some of the best tubs for the elderly include dual armrests that are molded to accommodate the shapes of most people’s arms. A backrest may also be included for extra support. There are even models that feature air and water jets to make bath time more relaxing.

Choosing the right bathtub can enhance a senior citizen’s quality of life and make bath time less of a hassle. There are many options that are ideal for seniors with different body types and physical capabilities.

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